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CHBB 2016 Recipient


My name is Shaun Meadows. I was born in Culpepper, VA in 1980. After moving to Winder, GA. At age 15 I graduated high school from ssgt shaun meadows deployed 200Winder Barrow High School in 1998. After high school, I was employed by Inter-rail Transport working with GM Motors. After our country was attacked on 9/11, I felt it was my duty to step up and do my part as an American. I wanted to take the fight to those who attacked us. I knew that I didn’t want to be one of the people behind the scenes who support the ones in the fight. Because of that I was compelled to be one of the guys on the front lines pushing myself to my fullest capacity while defending my Country. I made the decision to enlist in the Air Force and became a part of their elite force as a Combat Controller. In May 2002 I began my endeavor by enlisting in the Air Force.

I went through Air Force basic training at Lackland AFB, TX. Immediately following I started a two year pipeline for combat control where I received extensive training in demolitions, survival, air traffic control, airborne operations, scuba, close air support and more. I was stationed at Hurlburt Field FL and McChord AFB WA where my training was on going and improved. I was deployed to Iraq in 2007 and Afghanistan in ssgt shaun meadows post rerecovery 1 2002007 and 2008. While deployed in Afghanistan in 2008 I was injured by an IED on July 31st and became a bi-lateral above knee amputee. I was flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland where I began my recovery and rehab. I was able to start walking at 2 ½ months post injury and then I started running 6 months post injury. I stayed at WRAMC for 1 year and then went back to my unit at McChord AFB, WA. I retired from the Air Force 5 Jan 2011.

Upon retirement I moved to Tennessee where I live with my wife Nicole and son Trevor age 10. In addition to being employed, I am trying to improve my life and assist other veterans in their adjustment to life after service to their country.

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Shaun Meadows Ontario copy

Shaun received his custom built trike on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 in Ontario, CA at the Run for the WAll send off dinner.