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Eagle Warriors and Combat Hero Bike Build acknowledge and thank our many generous donors. 

Vehicle Donations

Wounded Warriors Society (motorcycle)

Denise Kreuzer, California (two motorcycles)

Pensacola Harley-Davidson, Pensacola, FL (motorcycle)

Susie McGregor and Dusty Hanson, California (trike & two motorcycles)

Gary Pierce, North Carolina (motorcycle)

Peter "Gearshift" Green, New Mexico (motorcycle)

Jim "Curly" Grafner & Jenny "Chalk" Tubbesing, Colorado (motorcycle)

Steve "Sgt. Rock" Walker, Texas (trike)

Pat "Irish" Devlin, California (trailer for a bike) 

Cash Donations


Susie McGregor & Dusty Hanson, Mariposa, CA

Ronnie Rains (RAMA Fabrication, Inc) Odessa, TX


Mike Cash (Operation Family Fund) Ridgecrest, CA



Taylor Grimes (Enertech Industries) Odessa, TX


Run for the Wall - Midway Route

Seven Feathers Casino, Canyonville, OR


Run for the Wall - Benevolence Trust Fund


Freie Family Fund, Anadarko, OK

Wayne Straus (Warren Straus POA), Jupiter, FL

Dave and Sharon Walker, Sullivan, IL

John Urban, Odessa, TX

Ross "Snake Charmer" Currie (Splash Cafe) Pismo Beach, CA

Bill Nunley (Nunley Farms)

Wolf Dairy Queens, Odessa, TX


Industrial Finishes, Medford, OR

Peoples Bank of Medford, Medford, OR

Advanced Environmental Services, Odessa, TX

Jeff Hirsch (Power Torque), Ellisville, MO

Frank & Margie Huffman, Highland, IL

Jim and Ann Wheeler, Sullivan, IL

Service & In-Kind Donations

Pastor Mark "Goodwrench" Richardson, Siler City, NC

Lonny "Goofy" Weissman, San Jose, CA

The Home Depot, Grants Pass, OR

Massao Williams, Photography, Medford, OR

Industrial Finishes, Medford, OR